Cyclone Proofing

It is the most important part of your Home or Business especially in Our Cyclone prone region.

It is astounding how many people will renovate their entire home & give no or little thought to the main component, the roof over their head that keeps their Family and themselves safe & protects any new improvements from the extreme elements of Far North QLD.

Without being an alarmist, if Cyclone Yasi had hit Cairns Dead On at least 45 to 55% (or More) of our community would have incurred a degree of Roof removal. Yet most of the damage is not incurred from the removal of the roof, most damage is caused by flying debris & what it crashes into along the way.

Yet many people will spend twice as much on their Kitchens & bathrooms without a thought to the very thing (the Roof) that protects them from the extreme elements.

Cyclone proofing your roof & frame to Category 5.

Although no one can guarantee 100% that a properties roof can be made indestructible we at Hot Metal believe using the right techniques we can give you’re Roofing the best possible chance to survive a direct hit by a Cat 5 Cyclone.

During the process of replacing a Roof there are several internal procedures which need to be followed such as strapping down of your roof frame & battens.

Ensuring that the tie down Rods & bolts that tie the Roof Trusses (frame) to the block work (Ground) of the dwelling are in good condition & re-tightened. In most cases this procedure can only be done while the roof sheeting has been removed.

Installing extra & replacing old rotten Roof Battens & Trusses (frames).

Re-fixing timber Roof battens that are only nailed & in some cases literally only sitting on the frame.

Come in & talk to us about the Original The Cyclone Safety Bunker Lid by M J S Roof Plumbing

Hot Metal Roofing Research & Development personnel have developed a relatively inexpensive way to bunker one or more rooms in a single storey home, so as to not have to rely on the dubious mattress in the bathroom method.

Ideally the construction should be done during the Re-Roofing of a property to keep the cost down, yet it can be installed at any time in a New or existing dwellings.

In the event of the worst case scenario that your home loses its roof &/or frame during a future Cyclonic Event you will have given yourself & your family a huge survival advantage if circumstances do take a turn for the worse.

Just like a Service on your car the longer you leave it the worse any problem’s become.

Rusted Sheeting, Flashing’s, Capping & guttering. Rusted Screws &/or worn washes. Un-sealed laps upside down gutters used as flashing, flashings incorrectly installed from day one. Incorrectly installed materials, wrong choice of materials for specific applications should be a thing of the past in Cairns & by choosing Hot Metal Roofing you can be assured the best products & service available.

Ensure the product you are paying good Money for is the correct product for your job.

Hot Metal Guarantee we will only use the correct materials required for the application & this will be set out in concise & clear terminology in all quotations & reports. Regardless of what a competitor has priced for, if we believe the technical application of the product will fail & is incorrect for the application we will not use it simply to lower the price to win the contract.

Pre-Solar Installation Checks

As the Solar industry go full steam ahead into installing as many Solar Panels as they can on dwelling’s Hot Metal have noticed that no recommendation is being made by the Solar Companies that the Roofing & structure below the Solar panels should be checked before installation.

Changing the sheeting & securing & upgrading the frame & structure of the Roof below the Solar panels should be a priority prior to Panel installation as we have found evidence during previous Cyclones that Solar panels can act as a sail & help pull the Roofing & Roof frame during a storm. It is also more expensive to do the work after the Solar panels as they need to be removed & re-installed to perform the work.