Welcome to Hot Metal Roofing, where it means more than just a Roof over your head

It can be quite a daunting experience when it comes time to repair and /or replace your roof, as most people have little or no knowledge of what they are up against and are at the Mercy of the roofing contractor, hoping that they (the Roofer) will provide the best advice & service for your situation. Roofing is not always cut & dry, there can be many applications & solutions for any given job. Hot Metal will work with you to find the best application for your home that is within or around your budget.

We will speak to you in plain English, ensuring you understand the products & service you are purchasing.

Roof Plumbing is very labour intensive & there are many applications for any job, yet pick the wrong people and /or the wrong materials for the job and it can all go expensively wrong.